Bad hair day? No way. How to edit flyaway hair on Facetune

Remove flyaway hairs, change your hair color, and add highlights with just a few taps.

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Learn how to edit flyaway hair on your photo

Your makeup is poppin’, the lighting is perfect, and just when you’re about to snap your selfie, it happens: Your hair gets in your face.

Or you realize you’ve got a runaway strand of hair. Or that your hair color doesn’t look right.

You get the idea. Unexpected bad hair days can ruin even the most carefully planned selfies. Aside from arming yourself with hairspray and a box of hair dye, how can you get around common selfie hair problems?

Say buh-bye to bad hair and get the luscious mane you deserve with Facetune. Try these three common hair hacks to look your best in every selfie. And here's some further reading for hair prep for photos, and a guide on how to use Facetune as an awesome hair color app.

1) Remove flyaway hairs

Have you ever taken a gorgeous pic, only to realize that you’ve got a stray piece of hair across your face? Ugh.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Facetune lets you remove flyaway hairs with just a few taps:

  • Open Facetune.
  • Go to Patch to edit away flyaway hair. Just tap a few times to remove flyaways and show off your gorgeous face.
  • Use Smooth after patching to get a flawless finish.
Before and after editing flying hair with Facetune

2) Change your hair color, because why not?

Have you ever taken a selfie and realized your hair color just wasn’t fitting in with your color scheme?

Instead of running to the store for the dreaded boxed dye (you know it’s going to fry your hair, sis), change your hair color with Facetune2. It’s cheaper and faster than dyeing your hair — and with zero regrets. Quickly change your hair color in Facetune with a tap:

  • Upload your selfie in Facetune.
  • Go to the Hair tool and pick your poison. Are you a fiery redhead? A fun blonde? Switch it up as you see fit. Use the slider tool to adjust the color to your desired intensity.
Before and after editing flying hair with Facetune

3) Highlights without the highlights

But what if you don’t want to change your brunette locks to a wacky new color? Sometimes a subtle color change can add eye-popping dimension to your hair. That’s when you break out Facetune highlight feature:

  • Upload your photo in Facetune.
  • Go to Hair.
  • Select your undertone first. We like to add blond to brunette hair and red tones to blond, but you do you.
  • Now go to Hair > Glow and use the slider to blend your two colors to add a healthy, dimensional glow to your ‘do.
Before and after editing flying hair with Facetune

The bottom line for editing flyaway hair

Your hair is an expression of your personality, so whether you’ve got hair in your face or you’re not a fan of your hair color, everything can be tweaked to suit your unique style in Facetune.

Davin Sauer

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