The 11 Funniest Selfie Memes We Could Find

The best memes are funny because they're true. Find some relatable gems on this list of the funniest selfie memes around.

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Whether you’re standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, posing by the ocean, or huddled up in some obscure corner of your house where the lighting is oh-so-nice, we’re all familiar with the selfie. It’s how we capture memories, tell stories, and, well, make ourselves feel good (because seriously, if you’ve never taken 50 photos of yourself to get the best selfie, you’re doing it wrong).

And hey, because it’s one of those things that we all do, it seems only fair that we’re able to poke a little fun at some common selfie memes. Prepare yourself, because there’s bound to be something on this list that sounds a little too familiar.



Just go missing to find out who your real friends are.



That Valencia does wonders after a long night.



A hungover smize + greasy hair can certainly surprise you.



Doesn't matter how nasty that kitchen floor is.



As if I'd Soulcycle with my hair down.


Behind every girl's selfie is approximately 47 nearly identical photos that just didn't cut it.

— Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt) September 3, 2014

When she's right, she's right. Dare you to spot the one I actually posted.



Who is that creature staring back at me?



Because it happens all too often. Thank god for Facetune.



As long you know the shot's being taken and it’s your good side.



That's really all I need in life.



I'm really sorry but you just can't.

What makes a meme good? When it's true. So, how often do you take part in such ridiculous selfie acts? I, for one, am ridiculous and I am proud. Find me posing in the fanciest bar bathrooms across major cities worldwide. And using the most awesome selfie hashtags and selfie captions when uploading my own selfie memes to IG.

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