All the Feels: Leo and Pisces Compatibility

A passionate yet challenging fire-water matchup. While communication and compassion are strong points, their conflicting traits often lead to clashes, hurt feelings, and an uneven dynamic.

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Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Whip out a box of tissues, folks, because this fire sign and water sign matchup is an emotional one. Sometimes fire-water relationships work out great, but in the case of Leo and Pisces compatibility, it usually leads to clashes.

When they get together, Leo and Pisces are full of passion and emotion. Both Leo and Pisces are known for their generosity, but overly emotional Pisces can shut down when fiery Leo wants to argue.

Take a shot every time Pisces turns off their phone in an attempt to turn off reality.

— Astro Bebs (@astrobebs) February 12, 2018

The problem is that a lot of their basic traits and values clash, so it can be tough for Leo-Pisces relationships to last in the long term. Let's look at how Leo and Pisces compatibility works for romance and friendships.

Leo and Pisces dating compatibility

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is going to be all up in their feels. Leo is really drawn to Pisces' emotional depth, which is unparalleled in the zodiac, while Pisces admires Leo's strength. This duo feels things pretty strongly, and actually, that can lead to their demise.



Both Leo and Pisces are hopeless romantics who want a magical kind of love to sweep them off their feet. There's a lot to appreciate about this couple, including:

  • Communication: You don't need to do much to get Leo and Pisces to share their thoughts or feelings. This couple is great at talking things out!
  • Compassion: Pisces is the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, and that's a trait that Leo really admires. Leo has a big heart, too, so it isn't unusual to see this couple giving back or doing charitable work together. Aww.
  • Going above and beyond: Leo and Pisces don't do anything by half-measure. Leo tries to please other people (though you can always remove a person from a photo 😂) because that's what they want in return, while Pisces does it to maintain harmony.


More often than not, the intense emotions of Leo and Pisces relationships can cause the entire thing to fizzle. This couple will frequently struggle with issues like:

  • An uneven dynamic: Leo needs plenty of attention, and they will demand a lot from Pisces, which can lead to Pisces being taken advantage of. And while Pisces enjoys taking care of their partner, Leo sometimes interprets Pisces' caring nature as smothering.
  • Flexibility versus stubbornness: Leo is set in their ways while Pisces is happy to go with the flow. But this means Pisces has to be the first one to give in, which can make Pisces feel resentful.
  • Hurt feelings: Both Leo and Pisces have a hairpin trigger on their emotions. If either partner says how they feel (or are a little too blunt), it's going to hit the wrong nerve and cause major problems.


Leo and Pisces friendship compatibility

Leo and Pisces compatibility isn't the best in terms of dating, but what if they're just friends?

Well, both signs are still emotional, sensitive, and easily offended. They also don't hold in how they feel, so they can really blow things out of proportion.

If the friends can manage to keep things civil, these two dreamers are capable of thinking big together. Pisces is more of a thinker and a planner while Leo is a leader and a doer, so this is a great dynamic for goal-oriented activities, like sports or volunteering.


I gotta be honest: Leo and Pisces compatibility isn't that great. In a relationship, it's a true test of patience to keep the spark alive, and they need to find mutual respect.

The good news is that Leo and Pisces are both open to love and want something that lasts. As long as they keep their emotions in check and don't let the drama tear them apart, there's hope for this relationship to survive.

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