Diving Deep: Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Discover the deep and emotional connection between Scorpio and Cancer compatibility. While their Water sign pairing has potential for hurt feelings, their understanding, protection, and nurturing qualities create an unshakeable bond. Learn about their dating and friendship compatibility now.

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Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Are you curious about Scorpio and Cancer compatibility? Grab your scuba gear, because these two Water signs are going the distance.

Because Scorpio and Cancer are both Water signs, they're capable of going deeper than other zodiac matchups. In fact, if they're a strong enough couple, Cancer and Scorpio can become so in tune that they can almost read each other's thoughts.

Freaky, huh?

The downside to Scorpio and Cancer compatibility is the fact that they're both Water signs. It's a blessing and a curse. This duo is emotional, and sometimes those emotions boil over, leading to hurt feelings and resentment. The good news is that Scorpio and Cancer get each other, so they're usually able to work through any hard feelings.

There's a lot of opportunity with this matchup, thanks to their shared personalities! See how Scorpio and Cancer compatibility stacks up in terms of dating and friendships.

Dating compatibility

Both Cancer and Scorpio are sensitive. They have a type of intensity that might be a little off-putting to Earth, Air, or Fire signs. It's like they have a secret language that only the two of them can understand.

Thanks to their emotional nature, Scorpio and Cancer compatibility allows for a lot of empathy. This isn't a relationship where you're going to talk each other's ears off, though. In long-term relationships, Scorpio and Cancer get on the same wavelength, detecting what the other one is feeling without saying a word.



I love Scorpio and Cancer matchups because there's so much depth to the relationship. In a world where you can swipe right and get a date, both Scorpio and Cancer are capable of connecting beyond dating app hookups, and they can really build something meaningful together.

  • Understanding: There's no better way to put it — Scorpio and Cancer just get each other. They are both highly sensitive and have an understanding of their partner's needs, which can make for a deep connection.
  • Protection: Scorpio is naturally jealous and protective. That's not great for most relationships, but with Cancer, it works! Cancer is reclusive, like Scorpio, and appreciates the added support.
  • Nurturing: Scorpios are known for being intense, but Cancer's genuine support turns down the heat on Scorpio's Rage-ometer. Scorpio needs a lot of emotional support to feel wanted in the relationship, and that close nurturing is something Cancer is happy to give to their partner.


There are a lot of feels in a Scorpio and Cancer relationship. Normally, that's a good thing, but it can lead to a few downsides that could wreck this relationship's potential.

A #Scorpio’s biggest fear is feeling like they have no control.

— SCORPIO (@Scorpio_Society) April 5, 2022
  • Control: The biggest risk in Scorpio and Cancer compatibility is Scorpio's need to control. Scorpio considers themselves the ruler of their domain, so they want control over literally everything. They try to make decisions without Cancer's input, and worse still, will ignore Cancer if they have a different opinion. The best way for Cancer to deal with this is by pushing back on Scorpio's power plays early on in the relationship.
  • Fixed versus changing: Cancer is a cardinal sign that makes things happen. Scorpio is a fixed sign that hates change, so there can be resistance in this relationship due to their conflicting desires to stay put versus moving forward.
  • Hurt feelings: Cancer takes things personally, which is tough because Scorpio can get hot-headed and say hurtful things. Cancer will remember everything Scorpio says, even after a genuine apology, so the couple will need to work through disagreements with plenty of emotional support afterward.

Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer have a lot of common ground, which paves the way for bestie-level friendships. For this pair, there's nothing better than a glass of wine and a night of deep conversation.

These two signs are deep thinkers, and they aren't afraid of digging into their psyche together. This can be a good thing because it deepens the relationship quickly, but it can cause emotions to run high, too. Scorpio and Cancer need to be really careful that they don't trauma-dump every time they have a conversation.

But even so, Scorpios and Cancers quickly become each other's ride or die. They're both passionate, caring friends who would go to the ends of the earth for their BFF, especially in times of stress.


This love story was written in the stars

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility is a no-brainer. Whether you're considering a relationship with this dynamic or you just want to see where you and your bestie stand, Scorpio and Cancer are a great match. Things might get emotional, but this pair knows how to take care of each other. Sure, they have their differences, but their shared empathy, emotional support, and security make Scorpio and Cancer compatibility unshakeable.

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