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Whao there, cowboys and cowgirls. The first thing to make clear in sexy selfie ideas 101 is that these awesome selfie ideas should not be soiled and sullied by you going too far out there.

Sexy should not mean you’re one step away from going down the fans only route. You hear me?

No, no, no, children, a sexy selfie is one that lifts you up and elevates your beauty. And it is definitely not one that you will live to regret tomorrow or next year.

Subtlety (have been removed)

This is an excellent example of how to do a sexy selfie right. The coy, seemingly less is more & subtle approach elevates Kylie up into Goddess-like realms.

Be Playful

And then we can always go in the opposite direction and turn something pretty innocuous into an end result that can be both playful and attractive.

Here we have the wonderful Cara showing how a causal little tongue poke can set the pulses racing.

This sexy selfie is a great example of how making no effort to be sexy can, in fact, be one of the sexiest things in the world.

Turn up the heat

And don’t you worry, I hear some of you at the back there tutting and strutting that these understated examples are not really that sexy sexy at all.

Point taken and agreed with. On occasion, there is nothing wrong with turning it up to fire and letting that little devil out to play for a while!

Check out our post on how to take a sexy selfie pic right here!

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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