What’s The Best Filter App for Selfies?

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You’ve snapped the ultimate selfie: Your makeup, hair, outfit, and pose are on point. But when it’s time to upload your masterpiece to Instagram, you realize something’s just not right.

Maybe it’s the lighting or the overall vibe of the picture, but this selfie needs something. Short of hiring a photographer or spending your whole paycheck on lighting, the best way to revamp a so-so selfie is to use a filter.

But hey, there are tons of filter apps on the App Store. Which ones will actually create a cool aesthetic for your profile?

Check out these 3 best filter apps for selfies.

1 - Filtertune

Are you having a hard time finding a really great filter? We feel ya.

Filtertune comes pre-loaded with professional editing tools so you can create your own custom filters. If you’re feeling generous, you can even share your filters with your followers on Filtertune.

Do you like a certain person's look? Check Filtertune to scan and download filters from them so you can match their style. If you want a look that’s all your own, you can also edit other people’s filters and give them your own unique spin.

2 - Facetune

Facetune is one of the best filter apps for selfies because it includes more than just filters. You can use it to turn a "meh" selfie into something spectacular.

Use the beauty or color features to do easy fixes like:

  • Whitening teeth.
  • Fixing blemishes without any makeup.
  • Contouring your face.
  • Adding full makeup.
  • Changing your hair color.
  • Changing the color of your clothes.
A selfie before Facetune edits.
A selfie after Facetune edits.

The Facetune magic camera has live filters that allow you to tweak photos and add makeup as you shoot. Try out the advanced editing tools to change your light source or remove glare. Easy, right?

When you need the best filter app for your selfies, go with Facetune to get an amazing shot every time.

3 - Lightleap

Are you a city guy or gal? Lightleap has filters that reflect the character of major cities around the world.

Are you feeling like Paris today? How about Hong Kong or New York? Lightleap lets you snap pics for an instant urban aesthetic. It also includes Fisheye, Polaroid, and Film Reel options, too.

If you love artsy images, you might like Lightleap double exposure and live AR effects.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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