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71 Travel Photography Hashtags For The World Traveller

by Andrea Spanik / November 3, 2021

There are a lot of different photos that are popular on Instagram. For instance, people love a good food pic, and you’ll probably always get a nice amount of likes from a selfie, BUT if there’s one style of photography that reigns supreme over all others it is always travel photography. Enter travel photography hashtags.

Not only is travel photography pretty to look at, but you can also show off so many styles of photography within your travel photos, especially once you find the perfect selfie location.

Maybe it’s a beautiful landmark shot or a pic of a stunning sunset. Or hey, perhaps you want to share a pic of the local cuisine (gelato in Italy, baguettes in France, anyone?). You can even take an epic selfie during your travels or share a cool outfit pic.

Bottom line: You have no limit to what you share during your travels, but one thing is always true, no matter what you share…

People loooooove a good travel photo.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Next time you’re flexing your world traveler muscles, pull some of these travel photo hashtags out of your back pocket for an easy copy/paste situation. You can thank us for the likes later.

Travel hashtags to try:

#travel #travels #travelphotography #travelgram #wanderlust #instatravel #travelblogger #explore #vacation #traveling #travelling #holiday #traveler #trip #seetheworld #traveladdict #worldtraveler #travelmoments #justtravel #travelinspiration #traveljunkie #letstravel #happytraveller

Let’s be honest with each other for a ‘sec: When you’re travelling, you probably don’t want to spend too much time on your phone searching for hashtags, so these babies are probably your best bet.

Having said that, if you’re back in your hotel, exhausted from a day of sightseeing, and you’ve got a bit of time to spare, perhaps you might want to try some of these more specific and less overused hashtags.

Let’s get as many eyes on your travel pics as possible, shall we?

1) Travel hashtags for specific destinations

Let’s start basic, ‘kay?

If you’re travelling in a specific country, continent, city, or even visiting a particular landmark, put your hashtagging skills to use.

For instance, #crotia, #germany, #mexico, and #india are all hashtags you can use if you’re in those specific countries. Even #europe is a good one if you’re doing a little #eurotrip

Also, don’t forget you can get more specific with a state #florida, or even a city like #berlin or #toronto.

Anddddddd you’ll never fail with a #eiffeltower or a #lakelouise or a #colesseum. In other words, don’t forget to hashtag those landmarks.

2) Describe your trip

Are you on a beach vacation? If so, it’s time to throw in some #beach #beachvacation #sunset #beachbum and #sunshine into the mix.

On the other hand, if you’re testing out your snowboard skills on the Colorado mountains, you might want to try #mountain #ski #snow and #winteradventure, for example.

The key here is basically to just describe what is around you. It’s not rocket science, people.

3) You can also describe the “style” of trip you’re embarking on

What’s a trip “style” you might be wondering.

Let’s put it this way: Is there a difference between the annual trip you take with your parents to your family cottage versus a backpacking Euro trip with your best girlfriends?

Gosh, we hope there is!

This is an example of trip style, and there are plenty of hashtags you can utilize here including:

#solotrip #solotravel #solotraveldiaries #backpacking #familyvacation #travellingwithkids #womenwhotravel #digitalnomad #nomadlife #girlstrip

4) How are you travelling?

That’s right—travel photography hashtags definitely include your actual means of transportation.

Examples include:

#vanlife #takeoff #flight#flightpictures #roadtrip #instaplane #train #hike #bike #RV

Just, ‘ya know, only use hashtags that are actually relevant to your photo. If you’re not travelling in an RV, don’t use the hashtag, okay? Pretty straightforward.

5) Throw in some of these for an extra boost

Travel photography hashtags are honestly probably the most extensive group of hashtags, so if you need a little extra boost to your pic, try to throw in some of these winners.

#goexplore #doyoutravel #wanderer #exploring #lovetotravel #wonderfulplaces #travellife #travellifestyle #travelbug #travelholoic #travelmore #roamtheplanet #travellingcouple #traveltogether

Don’t forget, though, pick and choose the hashtags that are most relevant to what you’re posting about.

(no thirsty IG posts allowed, please and thank you)

6) Don’t forget your selfie

Anddddd, of course, we can’t talk about travel photography without talking about the selfie.

While selfies can sometimes be a little cringe while travelling, there’s no denying that a selfie remains one of the easiest ways to snap a pic on your travels (anyone else hate having to ask some poor stranger to take your pic while travelling? THE WORST).

If the travel selfie is your jam, these two hashtags need to be a part of your travel hashtag lineup:

#travelselfie #travelselfies

Plus, don’t forget we have a full list of the best selfie hashtags if you’re struggling.

And there you have it. You are more prepared than ever to start posting all your travel pics.

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