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Perfect Skin Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin

Move your finger over the skin for a smooth, glowing look, eliminating wrinkles and small blemishes. Simple to use, simply beautiful results.

Perfect Smile Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

Frustrated by that yellowish tone your teeth can get in photos, even after you've just visited the dentist? Swipe your finger over your teeth for a bright, shining look!

Details Details


Emphasize your eyes or lips to accentuate the best areas of your face, for beauty that pops out! No one will be able to ignore your deep, penetrating gaze!

The Power of Reshape The Power of Reshape

The Power of Reshape

Remember that lovely picture where everything was perfect, but you forgot to smile? Did the camera angle ever distort your face? With the Reshape tool you can gently modify your facial expressions and structure.

Remove Dark Circles Remove Dark Circles

Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles and bags under your eyes can age your appearance even more than wrinkles. With the patch and tones tools, you can instantly rejuvenate your look to appear fresh as if you’ve just had your beauty sleep.

Remove acne/objects Remove acne/objects

Remove Blemishes

Is your photo perfect aside from a temporary blemish or speck? The Patch tool can eliminate unwanted objects by using similar areas in the photo. Our advanced technology will make the patch unnoticeable!

Hair Treatment Hair Treatment

Hair Salon

Have an area of bald spots, thinning or gray hair? Use a combination of the tones and patch tools to turn back time and achieve a full, young looking and natural head of hair!

Focus by Defocusing Focus by Defocusing

Focus by Defocusing

Professional cameras "know" what’s important: they focus on you, and leave the background blurry. With the defocus tool, you can do that too! Bring out the person in the photo by blurring out the rest.

Amazing Effects Amazing Effects

Amazing Effects

Spice up your portrait with dozens of full or localized unique effects! Change the lighting or apply textures and filters just where you want them, to make every photo incredible.

Bigger and Better:

Facetune for iPad

Ideal Experience

The iPad is the ultimate device for photo-editing. Enjoy all the advantages of Facetune for iPhone, with unprecedented user control, strikingly natural results, and an ease of use never seen before.

Perfect Every Photo

Whether you shoot with your iPad, or import photos from your phone or professional camera, Facetune for iPad lets you achieve results comparable only to what professionals can do with Photoshop. And it's way more fun.