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Calling all selfie-lovers! Whether you’re in the club, at the grocery store, or just WFH, it’s always selfie o’clock. But even if your makeup, outfit, and background are on point, you still might want to jazz up your selfie with the power of a face editor app. Facetune2 is one of the most popular iphone apps out there, but some folks are also using Face app to have some fun with their selfies.

Facetune2 versus Face App: The differences


So, which face app is right for you? It all comes down to how you want to revamp your selfies. Let’s dig into the main features and benefits of Facetune2 and Face App.

1. Retouching

Need an instant touchup? Both Facetune2 and Face App offer instant, automatic retouching. Face App’s Impression feature auto-applies filters to your selfie, although most of the options require a Pro subscription. I tried the Hollywood 2 filter and it looked good! The only downside is that some of the retouches are too good—sometimes it looks like someone else is in the photo. Facetune2, on the other hand, allows for auto-retouching, but you do have more options to customize the look. I also thought Facetune2’s results looked a little more me, just the best version of me, if that makes sense? Facetune2 also has more realistic options for editing your face. Face App has features where you can make your face wider, “fatter,” or “older.” It’s novel, but it definitely isn’t flattering if you’re going for a sexy selfie.For a prank, though? Hilarious.

2. Hair upgrades

Want to add some sparkle to your ‘do? Enter hair color apps. Both Facetune2 and Face App allow you to try on new hues and even drop in some highlights. Face App does include one feature Facetune2 doesn’t have, and that’s the ability to try on different hairstyles. You can go longer and even shorter in a tap!

Keep in mind that this depends on your hair and your background. Some photos I edited with Face App came out blotchy, and I think it depends on the existing photo. P.S. Face App also allows you to try on a beard, mustache, or goatee—yes, even if you’re a lady. It actually looks pretty convincing, if you’ve always wondered what you would look like with a luscious beard. Gorgeous.

3. Editing options

A few choice edits can take your selfie from good to great. Both Facetune2 and Face App include awesome editing features that make your selfies look profesh AF. Use the Background feature on either Facetune2 or Face App to transport your selfie out of your car and onto a luxurious beach. Both apps come pre-loaded with gorgeous filters, but you’re free to upload your own from your Gallery, too. Resize, crop, or lay a filter over your selfie to change the focus of the pic. While both face apps will get you where you need to go, I did feel that Facetune2 had more filter options.

The bottom line on Facetune2 versus Face App

Okay, so which face editor app is the best? I mean, it honestly depends on what you’re going for.


Both Facetune2 and Face App offer a free version. Why not download both and see which one you like better? You can always upgrade your favorite app to get all of its features.

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