Youcam vs Facetune: Which is Better?

Get creative with your social media images! YouCam and Facetune are two of the most popular editing apps. We compare both so you can pick the right app to achieve your image goals. Learn about their features, pricing, and user experience. Let's dig in!

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youcam vs facetune: which is better?

In today’s day and age, there’s no denying that social media has become intertwined with real life. Because really, beyond great Aunt Mildred, who do you know who doesn’t have some type of social media presence? The answer is probably very few.

Because of this, putting your best face forward on your social channels matters. 

But what's a girl to do if she’s having a bad hair day? Or what about that pimple that just won’t seem to quit?

Lucky for you, there are photo and video editing software that allows you to get creative with your images, editing them to suit your own self-image. 

Can I get an Amen!

Let’s chat about two of the most popular editing softwares, YouCam and Facetune. We’ll look closely at both apps, comparing the two so you can get a better sense of which app will help you with your image goals.  

Let’s dig in! 

The main differences between YouCam and Facetune

  • Frequent app users appreciate the one-time purchase option from Facetune. YouCam does not offer this. 
  • YouCam has a colorful and cluttered user interface. Facetune is organized and easy to use. 
  • YouCam offers a variety of features that range from changing backgrounds to editing the face/body. Facetune specializes in facial edits, while still giving you a few key editing tools beyond the face. 
  • YouCam offers community engagement directly within the app. Facetune does not. 

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Comparing YouCam to Facetune 

What is YouCam?

YouCam is an editing app that can help you feel more beautiful in your pictures. No longer do images have to be standard, boring pics like everyone else’s. With YouCam, you can let your creativity run wild with stickers, animations, collages, frames, and various backgrounds. 

You also have the option to make some alterations to your images, if you choose. For instance, maybe there is an item in the background of your photo that you want to remove, or perhaps you want to totally change your background, similar to how you would with a green screen. With YouCam, these advanced editing actions are possible. 

Bottom line, with YouCam, how you put yourselves out there in the world is totally in your hands.  

Key Features 

So why does YouCam have over 600 million downloads? It is likely because of the sheer volume of features that are available to customers. 

We can break the features down into six major categories: 

  • “Beautify” your images (remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles) 
  • Add effects (collages, frames, backgrounds)
  • Edit video 
  • Magic brush (“draw” on your image)
  • Erase (remove objects, change backgrounds)
  • Highlight/hide objects 

Essentially, if there is something about your image that you don’t like, YouCam can help you alter the image so it is more in line with your vision. 

User Experience 

The first thing you’re going to notice when you log into the YouCam app is there is a lot going on. And we mean a lot

While many customers prefer a clean, minimalist design that is intuitive and easy to use, YouCam apparently didn’t get the memo on this. 

With third-party ads showing on the free version of the app, as well as community threads, photo challenges, how-to guides, and no shortage of animations, your eyes might take a few minutes to adjust to all the color and movement going on when you first log in. 

In terms of the actual editing features themselves, most app users should feel fairly confident using the various features. Having said that, because there are many tools, when it comes to advanced tools like the body shaper, you might struggle to figure out how to make adjustments. With some playing around, we think customers will figure out how to use these more advanced features, but it is worth noting that there may be confusing elements that require a time investment to figure out.  


Like most apps, YouCam does offer a 7-day free trial so you can play with all the features and decide if it is the right option for you. 

After that, if you want to keep all the premium features and be able to save your images, you’ll need to decide between a monthly subscription or a yearly: 

  • $39.99/year 
  • $7.99/month 

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What is Facetune?

Facetune is the #1 app in the App Store for photo editing, and once you dig into the app, we don’t think you’ll struggle to see why. 

It has become a beloved app for its ability to help customers show off their best selves. Whether it be removing a blemish, sharpening a jawline, or even changing hair color for a totally different look, Facetune prides itself on its ability to provide customers with photo editing that looks natural and authentic. 

If you want to put your best face forward on all your social media platforms, Facetune is the app for you. 

Key Features 

If you’ve ever felt the itch to give your image that little special tune-up that makes your pic shine, you’ll be obsessed with all the features that Facetune has to offer. 

Specializing in facial editing, some of the tools we think you’ll love include blemish removal, teeth whitening, red-eye removal, cheekbone heightening, and reshaping the nose. 

But hey, if you don’t want to touch that beautiful face of yours and you prefer to play with colors, why not try changing the color of your hair? You can also change the color of your clothing and your eyes.

Other creative tools you can use include adding artistic touches, applying filters, adding unique textures, and blurring the background so all eyes are on you. 

Facetune users also love their ability to play with makeup on the app. For instance, if you’re not sure what vivid red lipstick would look like on you, simply try it out on Facetune. 

How you decide to use Facetune is up to you, but one thing we’re fairly certain about? You’re going to love it. 

User Experience

All the cool features are usually what initially attract users to Facetune, but it's the user experience that keeps them coming back for more. 

Facetune was designed to be easy to use and intuitive. The user interface is clean, there are minimal distractions, and you’ll quickly and easily be able to start editing your images.

Not only that but Facetune ensures that they only provide you with the most popular features rather than overloading you with every possible editing tool imaginable. 

Additionally, each icon is labeled accurately in the app so you don’t have to spend a lot of time clicking around, trying to figure out what each tool does. For example, if you want to alter something on your face, click the “face” icon. If you want to change something about your hair, click the “hair” icon.  

Facetune makes photo editing a true breeze. 


If you want to try out Facetune, all you have to do is simply download the app and begin. 

While the free version won’t allow you to save your work and some features won’t be unlocked, don’t worry, because there is a totally free seven-day trial of the app that will demonstrate the app’s full potential. 

If you decide that you love the app—like most do—you’ll have three options for payment, including: 

  • $3.91/month if you commit to a year subscription. 
  • $10.49 billed monthly. 
  • Or you can pay $99.99 upfront, one time, and never have to pay for another photo editing app ever again. 

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YouCam vs Facetune: So which one is better?

At the end of the day, if you want to edit your images, both apps will work and give you great results. 

Having said that, there is one app that has a more friendly user interface, and Facetune comes out on top. 

Utilizing a clean user interface that is intuitive and distraction-free, editing is a pleasure on Facetune. 

With YouCam, you’ll find that there are a lot more distractions. This is both because the app is a bit more cluttered and busy, but it is also because this app has more features and options. 

In some cases, more features might be better suited for you. For instance, we would say that YouCam would be well suited for a younger audience that really wants to add a lot of edits and elements to their image. 

Facetune, on the other hand, feels a bit more elevated and mature. It is ideally suited for customers who want to do some editing to their image while still retaining a natural look. 

Bottom line, both apps are good, but for ease of use, we would pick Facetune everytime. 

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Bring out your best self in your selfies with Facetune
Join a community of 200M+ and discover why Facetune is the world's top selfie editor. Experience the fastest and easiest way to edit with our ultimate one-tap tools, made for every skill level.

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